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    Tierra Firma co- creates each leadership-training program specifically tailored to your organization’s unique needs. Content and processes are designed based on the results of the various assessment methods and our collaboration with your team.  Our initial design of the content is based on our extensive engagement with leaders worldwide. Training modules are designed using an integrated development approach that incorporates research, as well as state-of-the-art and –science practices from the following three pillars:

    • Evidence-based practices: Engaging those leadership practices with demonstrated effectiveness.
    • Seminal and contemporary research: Incorporating meaningful research that supports benchmarked leadership practices.
    • Behavioral applications: Applying both operational and strategic leadership to such practices as relational leadership, cross-cultural communication, team awareness and dynamics, generational and diversity practices, conflict management, performance management, negotiation skills, authentic leadership, and emotional intelligence.

    The figure below highlights our three pillars of leadership training: